Popie Wines

Michael Duarte and Richard "Popie" Duarte

at Duarte Family Vineyards

Since 1922, three generations of Duarte's have farmed in the Napa Valley.  Above you will see all three in progression, Voo Voo (my Great Grandpa), Grandpa Manuel (Manoel, Popie's father) and Popie (Papa, my father and my inspiration).  Popie is in the center of the far right picture at the age of 13.  I am the 4th generation Duarte continuing the growing tradition here in Placer County.


Michael Duarte

Popie Wines

Grandpa Manuel - (Manoel)

2nd Generation Duarte Grower

The Trifecta - Great Grandpa (Voo Voo) - Popie - Grandpa Manuel (Manoel)

Three Generations of Duarte's - Napa Valley Growers

Great Grandpa "Voo Voo"

1st Generation Duarte Grower